Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Banned By The State III - Fireworks

It's hardly worth blogging a "fireworks ban" story, because it is so obviously going to happen in a world run by Health and Safety Fascism. But seeing as I'm into the swing of it, I thought I would.

There will be no public display in the historic city of York this year because the costs of confirming to all the nonsensical safety rules.

In the old days they held a bonfire on the Knavesmire racecourse and no one ever got hurt as far as I know. That got the heave-ho on the grounds of (safety) costs. This year they were going to hold an event at York City football ground (known excruciatingly as "Kit Kat Crescent", but that's another story) but that's been refused a safety certificate.

You know where all this is leading, of course. Fewer and fewer public displays go ahead because of safety concerns. That means more family displays, in which more people get hurt. The statistics show an increase in firework-related injuries, and hey, presto, Our Beloved Rulers have an excuse to ban fireworks entirely.

Womble On Tour Prediction: fireworks will be banned (at least from private sale) within ten years.

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Richard Madeley said...

I say make these fireworks more powerful and give them away with every baseball cap or sovereign ring. If the daft little bastards want to blow themselves up, we should give them some encouragement.