Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The Womble Roars !

I'm very honoured, and even a little moved. The award comes from the Shameless Lions Writing Circle, whose aim is to "encourage and celebrate good, powerful writing on the Internet/blogosphere".

The idea is that when someone is selected as an award winner, they name five people they would like to give it to and also identify three things they believe are necessary to make writing good and powerful.

If the Circle will forgive me, I'll just pick out three bloggers for now, on account of the fact that I tend to visit a small number of sites very regularly, and, being a creature of habit (as wombles tend to be) don't wander as much as I probably should do, given that I'm still new to this blogging business.

Award No 1 goes to Caroline Hunt, who is passionate in her beliefs but who expresses them with a refreshing humour.

Award No 2 belongs to Prodicus, who, fresh from his career as a philosopher in Ancient Greece, is now a Maggie-loving blogcommentator of the 21st century.

Last (for now) and not least I'd like to acknowledge The Last Boy Scout, whose mixture of politics and football makes for a blog I enjoy reading.

And as for three things that make for good writing:
a) brevity, especially in a blog - something I need to get better at;
b) speak from the heart, but do it with clarity;
c) due care and attention, and being prepared to tweak what you've written and using a spellchecker (although actually Shades does the job just as well for you !).


Shades said...

Shame I am blind to the smelling mistooks on my own blog!

Prodicus said...

How kind! Thank you.

Caroline Hunt said...

Very kind of you! Wish I'd been on the internet more this week to deserve it :)