Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Saturday, 12 January 2008

A Rotten Apple

I don't generally follow politics closely enough to have much of an opinion about individual MPs, but when you read the blogs you do begin to build up a rough picture and the best and worst. And Emily Thornberry sits firmly in the second category.

Fresh from from incurring the displeasure in October of the Standards and Privileges Committee for doctoring an Electoral Commission press release, she's now been caught mis-using Commons stationery. She's sent 10,400 unsolicited letters to constituents using pre-paid envelopes, which is against the rules. Parliamentary Standards Officer Sir Philip Mawer, who must be getter to know her pretty well by now, has ordered that she "cover the cost of the stationery and envelopes and the postage required directly, either from her Communications Allowance or out of her own pocket.”

I really don't understand this kind of behaviour. What drove Thornberry do act in this way ? Did she think no one would notice ? Does she think she's above the law ? Or would she really try and tell us that it's just an honest mistake ? Personally I don't buy the third option.

MPs should ensure that their behaviour is beyond the best. They have trust to earn and an example to set. Come the next election, I'll be looking out for the result in Islington South and Finsbury. I hope she loses, and gets replaced by someone who's prepared to treat their responsibilities with respect.

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Lurch Ate My Hamster said...

What drove Thornberry to act in this way?
I think the fact that her big @rse sitting on one of the smallest majorities in the country - less than 500 IIRC.

I reckon Islington South is one of those rare seats in the country where even I would hold my nose and put a cross against the Liberal candidate's name just to get rid of a nasty piece of work like Emily Thornberry