Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Friday, 7 March 2008

A Magnificent Seven

Grendel has tagged me to name Seven Good Things in Life. I have to say I’m seriously honoured, because Grendel is a serious blogger. I haven’t been in these elevated circles before. Accordingly, I’ve been giving this some thought. It’s a very personal list, but I hope you can relate to some of it.

1. Watching a game of cricket with a pint in my hand, on a warm sunny day. Ideally having taken the afternoon off work to go to Headingley or somewhere similar. Often very few people are in the ground, and it seems almost illicit to be doing something so luxurious when most others are working.

2. A waterfall after rain, or a lush valley. Having spent my childhood in built-up London I appreciate the scenery in Yorkshire all the more. Wharfedale in Spring, for example; can’t beat it.

3. Hearing my children’s uncontrollable laughter at a game they’re playing or a joke they’ve got running. You can’t even begin to measure the love you have for your own little people, and when they’re at their happiest and most carefree you can’t begin to describe the infectious feeling.

4. Doing something simply because I believe in the principle. When I was involved in politics I used to experience this quite a lot, but now it’s a rarity. The last time was when I refused to go along with the idea of my son’s local football club to fine people for not turning up to its committee meetings. I thought it was fundamentally wrong and I loved taking on those who proposed it. There was something very basic, almost primeval, about the excitement and the drive I felt.

5. The last-minute winner, or even equaliser, when all hope had gone, surrounded by people who all want the same thing, and feel just as passionate.. Liverpool vs. Wimbledon, circa 1994, sticks in the mind. The lads played their hearts out but still trailed late on. We’d been cheering them to the echo all night, but it looked like we’d be going home empty handed. Then much-loved hero Robbie Earle headed home a cross, and we all went bananas. It’s totally irrational to want 11 men dressed in one colour to put a ball into a goal past 11 men dressed in another one. But who cares how irrational it is when it actually happens ?

6. When fit, a run to the top of a hill, rewarded by a wonderful view. Another plus about living in Yorkshire. The buzz from the increased heartbeat and circulation combines with the sense of achievement and the sense of freedom when you see miles of scenery laid out below. More on this in a few days, maybe.

7. Having enough money to get by OK. In some ways it seemed a shame to put this in because the other six choices are pretty simple, non-material things, and this is highly materialistic. But if life (and this post !) is about appreciating things, then being able to fund little emergencies and luxuries is something I’m grateful for. We had a water pipe burst during the recent cold snap, and had to call a plumber out. The cost wasn’t huge, but would have caused a problem for some. I just try to make sure that every tine I open my wallet I realise how lucky I am to have something in it. It might not be forever thus.

I don’t think I know seven people who visit this site regularly enough for me to tag them, but anyone who wants to have a go at this meme is most welcome. I’ve enjoyed writing it; makes a change from moaning all the time !


Roger said...

Put me down as Mr Sleepy (one of the 7)

Grendel said...

Thanks for playing. Excellent list.

I suspect though that you do me far too much honour in your introduction.

Might add to my testimonial list though ...:-)

nuttycow said...

Could I be "Doc"?