Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Friday, 27 June 2008

Makes Perfect Sense To Me...

At a time when there's a lot of bad news around and lots to worry about, such as the state of the economy, fuel prices, murder and mayhem in Zimbabwe etc., isn't it great to see a common-sense, consumer protection, everyone's-a-winner-except-the-capitalist-bastard news story like this one ?

Isn't a relief that there are wonderful bodies around like the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) who have the time and money available to check everyone's kiwi fuits ? Clearly Bristol is crawling with vulnerable members of society who cannot be trusted to make their own decisions about what groceries to buy, and that's why we have organisations like the RPA, backed up by the legislative might of the EU.

As I was saying to Mrs Womble On Tour only this morning, it's absolutely right and perfectly obvious that kiwi fruits have to weigh at least 62 grammes. I lie awake at night, in common I'm sure with every other do-gooder in the country, at the prospect that someone, somewhere might have been duped into buying a kiwi fruit weighing only 58 grammes. Where would we be if that ever happened ?

And where would we be without the RPA ?

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Andrew Allison said...

I too lie awake at night, tormenting myself with such weighty issues. It's so good to know that my money is being spent wisely, saving me all that worry. Thank the lord for the RPA.