Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Monday, 26 January 2009

"Hang On, Guv, While I Give Myself A Crime Number"

If you had not been found guilty of any crime but still had £2,000 seized from your possession by the Police, you'd be pretty fed up about it.

But not half as fed up as you'd be when you got the call from the Police to say "Sorry sir, but you know that two grand we took from you ?'s been nicked".

The Proceeds of Crime Act (passed by ZaNu Labour, of course) allows the Police to confiscate assets if they think that they have been obtained by crime even if no one's actually been found guilty of any offence in a court of law. I'd love to know what the Act says should happen when the Police manage to lose the assets again.

I love the quote from the officer who's trying to explain how they managed to let someone walk off with 2K from underneath their own noses: "It just underlined to me and my colleagues that criminals are sneaky people". Well, you don't say.

I wonder if they'll get a patronising visit from their own Neighbourwood Watch officer, telling them to lock the door at night and close the windows ?

Hat-tip: Nation of Shopkeepers


The Half-Blood Welshman said...

Yep, they are useless aren't they. There's also the classic example of Newent police station, which was left unlocked and raided for gear by members of the Goodchild family.

The criminals didn't have to be sneaky in that case of course - some dopey person had forgotten the lock was broken. The police then compounded the error by breaking into the wrong house to try and steal it all back!

Frankly gratifying to hear the station was open at all - it seems to be shut to all business except Martian invasions these days, and to function as a glorified police cafe - but it was hilarious.

Read all about it here.

Sue said...

OMG! The officers there obviously had a super dooper NuLabour education!