Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Friday, 9 January 2009

Pratts' Road To The Loony Bin

A few weeks ago I brought news of how the DVLA was banning car registration numbers that might be deemed offensive: examples (just in case anyone from the DVLA is reading this and fancies having me arrested) included H057AGE and B004ZY.

Well, they're not alone in their crusade against the free usage of utterly harmless language. From the very same gutter of needless suppression I bring you: Lewes District Council.

Doubtless relieved that the terrifying prospect of Revolution Through Subversive Number Plates has been headed off by their mates down in Swansea, these numb skulls have decided to wage war on street names. So OUT go names like Hoare Road, Typple Avenue and Coalpit Lane....lest they offend, be subject to "deliberate misinterpretation" or are seen as unflattering. No, really, it's true.
And just so that it's clear what's banned and what (if anything) isn't, Council officials have drawn up a 25-page policy document on the subject. Just remember, folks, these people get paid to to this sort of us.
Note - From now on, whenever I see this kind of thing, I'm going to record which political party is in charge, so so that I can keep tabs on who's doing it to us. Lewes District Council - Liberal Democrats.


Shades said...

They're all doing it to us across the board.

Sepoy Agent said...

Lovely story, Womble, but I only just got to read it.

Reminds me that when we were bright young things, a fellow Councillor and I scored a little triumph.

A large two level site was bought by the Council, and elderly persons, single persons housing and a few individual council houses were built there.

Before the corner site had been owned by Pigg's Bakery, and the junction had always been known as Pigg's Corner.

So my friend and I (opposition councillors) proposed the new development should be called "Pigg's Corner". The Labour councillors were horrified - it would be demeaning for the new residents.

But we persisted. We and local history won, and the site is still called Pigg's Corner!