Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Information or Propaganda ?

There's a fine line between genuine government information about what it's doing and blatant propaganda.

This web site, called "Real Help Now", was launched by Gordon Brown yesterday.

Prominently plugging Brown's call for a "new global deal" and the G20 "London Summit", publicising the Cabinet's meeting in Southamption, giving space to Jim Murphy's Press Release about another meeting in Glasgow and featuring at least one Gordon Brown video, this falls quite firmly the wrong side of that line for me. Short of calling it "Not Doing Nothing Now" Number 10 could scarcely have come up with something more partisan and self-serving.

What do you think ? Bear in mind you're paying for it !


TBR said...

We'll you know what I think. They're a bunch of self serving c**ts. And this is another fine example of that.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

If Gordon is so keen on doing things Global, why does that website promote the unwanted anti-democratic euro-regions, as though anybody cared about them ?

Stop Hitting Me Officer said...

Complete and utter, hopeless, tosh.

I visited the "site" and noticed the "headlines" relating to the feverish activity by H.M. Gov in my (old) hometown of Grimsby.

Then I noticed the little clickable map and that Grimsby was apparently in Yorkshire & Humberside, an area indicated by a line following the River Humber and to the north.

Grimsby's SOUTH of the river. There's been historic ... lack of love, shall we say ... between those south of the river and those north of it (in Yorkshire). Humberside there was replaced by North East Lincolnshire ages ago when Lincolnshire was reinstated because we all hated the term "Humberside". The rivalry between the (old) fishing port of Grimsby (to the south) and the &^%$%&'s town of Hull (home to Icelandic factory-trawlers, north of our river) is the stuff of legends.

Not one link led to a concrete item or report. Not one!

Aside from that, the website had no immediate opinion-forming effect on me.

p.s., yes, I do come from a Grimsby fishing family. Who would have guessed?