Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Customer Surveys You Do Not Need - No 1

A couple of weeks ago I took my father-in-law to Headingley Cricket Ground, supposedly to watch a One Day International between England and the West Indies. The weather forecast suggested a bit of early rain and then a fine day.

About an hour before play was due to start, it rained. A lot. When it stopped raining the mopping-up began and there was a lot of it to do; they were using those cart-things with absorbent rollers, and every time one of them went across the outfield it caused a mini-tsunami as the water sloshed ahead of it. Clearly much was being asked of the new drainage system, installed at a cost of £600,000.

Announcements as to what was actually happening were few and far between. But the fact that play hadn't been abandoned kept the crowd hanging on (and spending money in the bars).

We had an unpires' inspection at 2pm, and another one at 3. After the second inspection (by which time the sun was out) it was finally announced that there would be no play - the outfield was still too wet.

So, in sumnmary, we sat there for five hours, with nothing to entertain us and next to no news, before being sent home.

On the back of an experience like that, what you don't need is an email from Yorkshire County Cricket Club headed:

"How was your day at the cricket? We need your feedback."


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RobW said...

Probably an automated response. But yes -- quite annoying.