Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Day's Headlines Under ZaNu Labour

On the way into work this morning I was struck by the following headlines:

NHS faces record budget shortfall (how can this possibly be, after all the bloody taxes we've had ripped from us to pay for increased spending on public services ?)

Metropolitian Police officers accused of water torture (important to say that these are as yet unproven allegations, but I was very conscious that I felt no real surprise when I heard this story)

London hit by tube strike (in the scheme of things it's a pinprick, but public sector strikes of this sort are always a graphic reminder of Labour's past glories)

Law Lords to rule on the practice, instigated by this government, of withholding supposedly incriminating criminal evidence from defendants on the grounds of "national security" (perhaps the most frightening of the lot - the State can basically have you locked up without allowing you to see the evidence against you)

Oh, and an MEP, elected under a system introduced by this government, is prevented from speaking outside Parliament because of a demonstration against him (some demonstrations are allowed in Parliament Square, it seems)

This is Britain today, under 12 years of socialist rule. God knows what it would be like after another five. Let's hope we never find out.

UPDATE: The Law Lords have just ruled that use of secret evidence in the granting of control orders is illegal. Thank God for the House of Lords; they've dug us out of more holes since 1997 then I care to recall.

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