Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Monday, 21 January 2008

Jilted by...The Divine Harriet

As regular readers will know by now, I've got a bit of a thing about Harriet Harman. Nothing unhealthy or sinister, just a certain...attraction.

A few months ago, out of interest, I visited her blog, which is updated (very) sporadically, and has the (equally) occasional comment from readers. Quite understandably I guess, her blog does not immediately publish comments - they have to go through some approval process first. Without doubt this is to prevent embarrassing stuff being left on her blog by racists or lunatics. Or womanisers.

I left, in reaction to her article about a visit to Durham, a comment which, at the very worst, questioned (as opposed to criticised) her reference to the Migration Impact Forum. Imagine my devastation when, many months later, I return to find my comment unpublished, when many more sycophantic remarks in response to other articles seem to have made it through the filtering process.

"Never mind", I think to myself, maybe my comment's just been "lost in the post". Surely, as a defender of free debate, she couldn't censor her feedback so that it only includes the positive, could she ?

By way of experiment, I have left further comments on her two most recent articles. One comment is cynical and jaundiced, the other highly supportive.

I await with bated breath to see whether one, neither or both make it through to see the light of day.


nuttycow said...

Ahh, but did you make sure to use a different name, computer and style of writing? You're probably on her blacklist and all comments from you will be deleted automatically.

It sounds like I'm talking from experience. I'm not really, honest.

Womble On Tour said...

Blacklisted by The Divine Harriet ? That would be truly terrible.
You may be right, though.

Think I'm going for a walk in the woods...

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you see in her. I can't believe you think she is divine.