Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Labour's Contempt For Confidentiality

Leg Iron (assuming squatters' rights at Old Holburn) draws our attention to the boasts of an MP that she has the list of BNP members' names and addresses. And a colleague, she proclaims, "is thinking of writing to all the members in his patch, trying to start a dialogue with them about the issues that have led them to join the BNP".

We're not told who the colleague is, but the self-satisfied sow who clearly thinks this is fine and dandy is Kerry McCarthy, Labour member for Bristol East (majority 7,814). Thus she joins Emily Thornberry as someone I would like to see get severely hammered at the next General Election.

McCarthy has in her possession a list of names and addresses of people who have chosen to join an opposition party, and whose membership of that party should have remained entirely confidential. I'm no expert on the Data Protection Act but I'm not even certain that possession of the list is legal. Actually using it for your own ends MUST be against the law (under legislation passed by this government) and yet here is this prize bitch implicitly condoning such behaviour.

And so we've arrived. The prospect of illegal intimidation of members of an opposition party by
government apparatchiks, whose arrogance and intolerance of dissent is exceeded only by their contempt for the laws that they themselves passed.

I've written today to my own MP asking her whether she too has a copy of this list, and seeking her assurances that if she has, or if it comes into her possession:
..she does the decent thing and destroys it immediately;
..she will not contact anyone on it, nor will she encourage anyone else to do so;
..she will not pass it on to anyone else;
..she will pass details of anyone you suspect of using it for their own ends to the Police.

My MP is another Labour operative of the Blair generation, so maybe she too thinks it's fine to get under the skin of people whose names have been illegally obtained. If she ever replies I'll let you know.

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