Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Getting Irate So That You Don't Have To

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Resolutionary Talk

This time last year I made some resolutions for 2008. Did I keep them ? An honest assessment follows.

1. Either start loving my job, or get a different one.
If you'd have asked me a month ago I'd have said things were going very nicely thank you, notwithstanding the people I worked for, who could be very trying. Now the people I work for are OK, but the job is changing, and for the worse. Ho-hum.

2.. In that same vein, stop doing, start managing.
Failed...kind of. I don't have anyone to manage anymore, can't delegate to anyone, so I'm doing everything !

3. Finally, definitively, stop nail biting.
Started again a couple of months back. Better than I was, but still some way to go.

4. Be tidy, and stop losing stuff.
Bloody abysmal. So disorganised I'd forgotten all about it !

5. Run at least 250 miles during the year.
Passed. Definitely. I couldn't tell you how many miles I've run but it's well over 250.

6. Get out on the bike at least 20 times during the year.
Failed. Definitely. Not been out once.

7. Do at least 100 Good Things with each of my children (i.e. spending quality time with them). Stupid reslolution, too hard to measure. But I have made a conscious effort, conscious that the time when my 12 year-olds want to be seen dead with me is fast drawing to a close ! I think I can probably claim to spent more time with them that ever before.

8. Relieve Mrs Womble On Tour of some of the housework.
I thought I'd done better, but a recent bedtime conversation with The One Who Knows suggested otherwise. Bugger.

And resolutions for 2009 ? I've only got one, which is to re-start the swear box. Not to stop swearing, obviously - that would be far too hard.

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The Wilted Rose said...

What do you think the Shadow Cabinet's new year's (policy) resolution should be? One suggestion is...

1. Cut taxes on income and jobs (Hat Tip: James Forsyth on Coffee Shop & Art Laffer).